Yoga is a unique gift to the world by the ancestors of Indians. Yoga is a signature of Bharat (India) and it defines her identity. The origin of Yoga and its evolution over the ages blossomed within the boundaries of India’s cultural expanse. Yoga is not found anywhere in the world. Yoga helped in creating aDharmicidentity of Indian Civilization. The concept ofDharmais also unique to this Nation.

The unique features of this civilizations are-

  • It has always believed in the principles ofSatya & Ahimsa
  • First to evolve the concept of Democracy and open debate calledShastrarth
  • India never attacked on any country to impose her ideology
  • India is the most diverse & plural nation in culture, religion & languages
  • Only country to embrace people who got persecuted from their homeland

What an irony that with these prideful accomplishments over several centuries the Nation today is bewildered about its own identity. In spite of her economic development, the country’s national will & confidence of the people is visibly shaken. Fire for collective progress and cohesive response to the problems is terribly lacking!
The spirit of nation is withering away – we need to act now.

At our end we are making a documentary film, that will help resurrect theDharmic Sanskritiof the Nation and bring awareness about who we are, and boost valour for progress through the power of Yoga.

The Need for Change

For centuries the collective Identity of the nation was continuously & sophisticatedly attacked from the outside & inside. These aggressions not only depleted resources and tarnished the image of India but also continuously hampered the progress of the nation. Today in the times of branding, the economic growth of India is adversely affected and the Indian brands & corporates are denigrated.

There is an urgent need to let the world and Indians know -

  • What has been the identity & position of India for thousands of years?
  • Why the great nation was broken several times? Why Indians never learnt the lessons from History?
  • Why the western world is continuously exploiting our ancient knowledge systems including Yoga without an iota of credit?
  • And what went wrong that the most powerful country of the world reduced to this dismal situation today?

The fact is that many big economic powers like China & Japan are investing hugely on the study & projection of their civilization to improve their national identity and in turn to improve their brands globally. But India on the other hand has invested very little in this area. On the contrary, few corporates are investing enormously to their alumni foreign Institutions and scholars who are of the opinion/mindset that ‘there is no Indian culture or people that exist as a stable singular entity’.

Also there is a targeted approach by scholars of western mindset to influence & confuse the minds of educated Indians about their collective Indian identity, social & cultural traditions by disproportionately highlighting some of the flaws in the Indian society. Do Indians lack the wisdom and mechanism to self-correct the system? Where is the collective National consciousness to counter fragmenting forces in society ?

Recently nation witnessed a reprehensible incidence. One prominent University, which produces maximum number of civil servants and advisors to the government of India, allowed a march of anti India forces in its premises with breaking India Slogans. The incidence was shocking but more stunning was the fact that this got vibrant support from many Indians and the media. Country of 1 Billion common people stood as silent spectators! A well-crafted global signature campaign was launched in favour of breaking India forces.

Where was our collective National consciousness to counter such rising forces ? Are Indian lazy, coward, careless, self-centered, short sighted, unaware of national or global politics of the minds ? Or they are utterly confused regarding their national vision, mission, Identity & strength? How can Indians get together for a National Mission to become a powerful economic strength of the world?

The answer lies in the unfolding of the Curriculum Vitae (CV) of India or course of life of Bharat, her history, accomplishments, falls and gains. The life of the nation can be brought back to her glory by driving out the nurturing sap of Dharma from the roots that sustained life for thousands of years. Yoga has the power to nourish yet again the economic and spiritual well being of the people. Without this India & her people will be completely overtaken by the western winds. A huge loss to the cultural diversity of the world and a loss of civilization!